UCLan students experience a boat trip to Amsterdam

Students from UCLan’s Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise took part in a short trip to Amsterdam to experience one of Europe’s most beautiful and culturally diverse cities.

Eleven undergraduates, who study the BA (Hons) Business and Marketing degree, joined Course Leader and Senior Lecturer Peter Ashfield for a short trip to Amsterdam.

Rather than take the traditional short aircraft mode of transport to a major European city, student’s instead decided to take a mini-cruise from Hull to Rotterdam and then a return coach journey to the sun lit city of Amsterdam. This involved an outbound overnight stay on the P&O ferry Pride of Amsterdam and also an inbound overnight stay on what was more akin to a cruise ship than a North Sea ferry. The students were impressed by the opulence of the ship, the live entertainment and the first-class dining. Approximately six hours free time was available for sightseeing and immersion in Amsterdam’s offerings: Damm Square, The Heineken experience, museums, tourist attractions, sampling culinary delights and the obligatory bar and cafe scene were all sampled in the brief time frame. On the inbound voyage, students were treated by the ship’s maitre d’ Pedro to special levels of service: a truly memorable trip that went without a hitch with each student being an ambassador for UCLan.

The students were selected based on their commitment to their degree and studies and making a positive contribution to the trip.

The eleven students included: Derek Harber, Vikram Singh, Richard Crake, Joseph Mccann, Kerry Colt, Aamir Valli, Dawood Atcha, Lauren Murray, Brandon Taylor, Charlotte Podmore and Jess Brown.

Alison Lucas (former Acting Head of School) said: “Field trips help our students to broaden their perspectives and engage with activities which really bring to life those things discussed and learnt in the classroom. Many of our students will work within international businesses in their careers, so this helps them understand culture from a very practical perspective.”

The student viewpoint:

Kerry Colt, 1st year student: “A must-do trip if you get the opportunity to. Spending time in a different setting with people you daily see in University was amazing, feel like we’ve become a lot closer. Really amazing weekend break – would do it over and over…!”

Charlotte Podmore, 1st year student: “I thought the trip was very enjoyable and I enjoyed being able to spend time with people that I didn’t really spend time with outside the classroom. There were lots to do on the trip both in Amsterdam and on the ship, at first most of us were dreading the 12 hour travel time, but as there was lots to do on-board and an overnight journey allowing us to sleep, it actually seemed to go quite quickly. Although we didn’t have long in Amsterdam we still managed to have the opportunity to see and do lots of different things despite how busy the streets were and we all really enjoyed ourselves exploring a different city and its culture.”