UCLan student WINS ‘Disney Quarterly Award’

James HofstetterBA (Hons) Business Studies student has undertaken a college programme for his placement year at Walt Disney World, Orlando.

His hard work and determination has been recognised with Disney’s Quarterly Award. The achievement is one of Disney’s highest honours and reflects outstanding commitment to the ‘Four Keys of Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency’.

James is the first student to have received this award in the 15 years that we have been working with Disney and as stated by Dean Wallin (Director of Leisure Services, Central Michigan University) “This is a very rare achievement for a college programme student.” 

James has kindly shared a few words with us about his experience:

“I am proud to have received Disney’s Quarterly Award, this is an award that college program participants never get, so I am honoured that they decided to give it to me. I’ve now been life-guarding since I started at Disney in July, I never thought I would enjoy the role and I was nervous going into it, I also did not think it would have any benefit to my studies. I was very wrong! While the role itself is not directly related to business, the networking and connections that I have gained are invaluable. I would love to have a future career in the Walt Disney Company and I know that it’s all about who you know, this is a people company, and they want you to engage. If you put your heart and soul into the work here, you will get everything you want back out and that included winning awards. Sure, it’s been challenging at time but I will always love my time spent here at Disney World in Florida. 

“If you are trying to decide whether to go on placement or not. DO IT! It is the best experience you will ever have in your life, and it will also help your job prospects for the future. Look at me, several senior Disney Managers have my resume and a vice president gave me his card to call him if I ever needed anything. It will also help you focus more on your studies, I am more determined now more than ever to get that First-Class degree to come back to Disney. Finally, the friendships I have made internationally are some of the people I will know for life and they are all around the world, from France to Australia, USA to Spain. It certainly makes you more cultured.”