Marketing Management graduate, Zain Shaikh, has landed a top job at Red Bull Media House at their global headquarters in Austria, where he works as a Programme Manager for Red Bull TV.

Zain graduated in 2015 and immediately went to work for Red Bull TV where he is responsible for the creative marketing campaigns for their TV shows.

During his time at UCLan, Zain was part of the LaunchPad leadership development programme which is exclusive to UCLan’s School of Business and School of Management, and provides students with opportunities to enhance their professional skills, allowing them to become the global leaders of the future.

Talking about LaunchPad, Zain said:

“It’s a great chance to meet people who have similar ambitions to yourself. Until you’ve done it you won’t realise how valuable the experience is and how much you will learn. I would recommend any student to apply and give it a go.”

Whilst at University, Zain took advantage of the many opportunities available to him for work experience by undertaking several placements and internships. He worked as a public relations intern for Adidas and Debenhams, a brand developer for Waitrose and a marketing assistant at Mintel to name a few. Zain credits this experience as to one of the reasons why he gained his job at Red Bull TV. He said:

“Experience is everything. Sure the degree matters but the work experience is what differentiates you from everyone else. Do internships, work experience, research. It’s all valuable.”

When talking about his time at UCLan, Zain said:

“The support at UCLan essentially allowed me to direct myself in a clear route which enabled me to see my end goal. I didn’t know which company I’d be working for but I knew the area I wanted to be in as a result of the mentorship and advice I received at UCLan.”