Chris Thornton has gone from studying BA (Hons) Accounting at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) to working for IBM in Australia in a role that focuses on telecommunications and developing futuristic technologies.

Chris looks back at his time at UCLan with nothing but fond memories and credits the University for laying the foundations for his successful career.

“UCLan gave me a very good foundation in business and I’ve used that throughout my time to apply business practices and business policies to build business cases for the clients that I currently work with.” Chris said.

Although it was the course that set him up for his career with IBM, it’s the student lifestyle that Chris says is his favourite memory from University, more specifically his time spent as treasurer of the Students Union.

“My favourite memories all stem around the student life, and the camaraderie amongst the students. I was a treasurer of the Students Union in my final year and I spent a lot of time helping to improve the student population here.” Chris said.

Chris urges all prospective students to make the most of all their opportunities at UCLan whilst enjoying it at the same time, calling it a “foundation for where you’re going to go in life.”