Jasna Khadirkunju

MBA with Placement

Jasna Khadirkunju is one of the GREAT India scholarship awardees from Cochin University of Science and Technology (BEng Engineering) in India that has started studying Master of Business Administration (MBA) at UCLan this year; Jasna has kindly shared her first thoughts and impressions of UCLan with us.

Life at UCLan

What was your first impression of UCLan?
“The airport pick-up Welcome Team made me feel welcomed to the UK and UCLan, very friendly people. Induction week gives a chance to meet with other people from diverse backgrounds.”

What services have you enjoyed at UCLan?
“Medical Centre, Students’ Union, Academic Support, Extra Academic Support (2 hours). Anita from Academic Support is really helpful.”

Have you enjoyed any impressive experiences during your time at UCLan?
“Filming as a scholarship awardee was a good experience.”

Have you found your professors helpful?
“Yes, they look at us like colleagues, not students and encourage independent thinking. Dorota is awesome, respectful, friendly and responds quickly. There is no barrier talking to her.”

Which department of UCLan have you found the most helpful?
“The library has a good setup and found everything I needed.”

Do you think there is a difference between India Education and British Education?
“India education has module information/materials to follow while in the UK is more real-time education and more independent.”

Do you live in UCLan accommodation?
“I live in private accommodation at Foundry Court, 24/7 security, really good living conditions and my flatmates are really nice.”

Has your course provided you with a live project or internship opportunities?
“1 year placement and 3 days’ residential trip to the Lake District.”

Have your courses provided short study trips?
“Residential trips to the Lake District.”

Life in Preston

What was your first impression of Preston?
“Beautiful, seeing the autumn leaves and I’m looking forward to snow.”

Is it convenient to live in Preston? Any particular restaurants you like?
“Everyone is welcome, love the culture, I like Quadro Indian restaurant. Preston is easy to commute around.”

Have you travelled nearby?
“Manchester, Blackburn, Lake District.”

What do you think of the transportation?
“Bus service is really good, the driver is really patient.”

How do you find the weather?
“Different to India but looking forward to winter snow.”

What do you usually do in your spare time?
“Meeting friends, cooking. We have a Facebook group amongst friends to meet up.”

Do you think it has been easy to make friends in Preston?
“Yes, easy to make friends.”

What would you say to future students coming to UCLan?
“Will definitely suggest UCLan to future students; get in touch with LinkedIn groups to get information about UCLan from UCLan Alumni.”

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