accounting students in cyprusLancashire Business School (LBS) first year Accounting and Finance undergraduates are the first students to visit recently opened UCLan campus in Cyprus on a five-day trip.

Nineteen students and three lecturers from the Accounting and Finance Division chose Cyprus for their very first trip abroad. Taking first year students to visit Cyprus now is looking to become an annual trip giving students an opportunity to explore foreign cultures, visit various accounting and business organisations and also an opportunity to consider doing part of their study programme at Cyprus campus.

The trip ticked all the boxes allowing students to familiarise not only with UCLan Cyprus campus, but also visit accounting institutions including Cyprus Stock Exchange and Ernst and Young which is one of the top four major accounting firms in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia.

Students also had the opportunity to speak with UCLan Cyprus professors as well as to engage with local accounting students who gave a good insight into what itโ€™s like to study at UCLan Cyprus.

Accounting lecturer at UCLan Preston, Mohamed Parker said: โ€œHaving a look around at UCLan uclan cyprusCyprus and meeting local students from the same course hopefully encouraged the main campus students to think about spending a semester at UCLan Cyprus.โ€

During the spare time, undergraduates had a day out sightseeing and a few of them managed to attend the England vs. Scotland Cyprus Cup womenโ€™s football match that finished in a 4-4 tie. One only can guess what team the students were cheering for.

Mohamed commented on the overall trip experience: โ€œIt was a good opportunity for Cyprus staff and the staff members from Preston to work together on planning an itinerary and the support received from colleagues in Cyprus was tremendous.โ€

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