gorge 8As a ‘treat’ as much as a final ‘learning curve’, to complete preparation year of LBS BA (Hons) Business Foundation Entry studies, students travelled to Tyn Dwr Outdoor Centre in Wales, for three days of character building outdoor pursuits.

They were joined by a selection of completing first year students and one third year who is presently carrying out her placement within the University.  This ensured that when beginning first year of study in their chosen undergraduate course, foundation students would be able to look around and recognise friendly faces.rollerball 6

Intended to stretch students both physically and mentally, the activities included in those three days gave a variety of additional skills to add to students list of achievements.  Included in these were not only physical activities, such as gorge walking and canoeing but in depth self-studies in the classroom that brought out and further developed existing personal  skills and characteristics.

First year students, Jonathan shared his thoughts about the trip: “The trip was great fun and I did things which I never thought I would do. I also met loads of new people which was a bonus. “

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