002Local marketing creativity expert has delivered a guest lecture to Lancashire Business School (LBS) students on how to get a career in the digital sector.

Competition in job market is fierce. That’s how creative and technical director at Soap Media, Adam Davis started his presentation. Not trying to scare the students, but instead, to give the insight into how many applications Soap Media receives, Adam shared breath-taking figures.

He said: “We receive ten CVs a week, sent speculatively, and roughly 100 of applications a week per job vacancy.”

According to Adam, if students want to gain a competitive advantage over other applicants, one of the options is to create a ‘spot-on’ personal brand through innovation and creativity. As advised, the first step should start with defining individual’s personal brand including finding the personal strengths and identifying direction and passion.

Adam also shared examples of how innovative CVs and applications got a foot in the door and as a result of that, people managed to secure job interviews and get hired.

When asked about how Soap Media recruits ideal candidates, Adam said: “We hire based on person’s attitude, because skills can be taught, but if the attitude doesn’t fit in with our brand then it is not really right for the company and for the person. It has to be a two way street.”

Lecturer at LBS, Adrian Wright said: “Adam highlighted just how competitive the marketing and PR sector is, I hope that Adam’s advice will assist students in gaining their ideal role.”

About Soap Media

Soap Media with its headquarters based in Preston is a digital media agency with a really good work in their portfolio. Work that’s generated millions of pounds’ worth of business for clients. They offer a fully integrated digital approach. A full strategy – not just a website. Therefore their clients get the whole digital spectrum of web design, web development, search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC), content generation, online communications and social media.

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