daniel fanshaweUCLan public relations student Daniel Lee Fanshawe has won the ‘Behind-The-Spin’ magazine’s national #SocialStudent competition.

The nationwide competition ended with eight educational institutions represented and over 36 competitors, all ranked according to their respective Klout and PeerIndex scores. The 20 week long competition aimed to measure UK based PR students’ engagement, influence and power online and was a talent spotting exercise.

#SocialStudent winner Daniel Lee Fanshawe said: “I’m still really surprised and over joyed to have won the competition. Social media is a big part of what I do and this win looks great on my CV, which is essential as I graduate in July.”

Richard Bailey, Editor of Behind-The-Spin notes of Daniel’s last minute win of the competition: “For most of the 20 weeks, the same two students competed for the top place. But in the final few weeks before Easter several new names emerged. One of these, Daniel Fanshawe, went on to win the ranking.”

As well as identifying talented individuals, the #SocialStudent competition serves to indicate which centres of public relations education are strong in the field of social media.

Public Relations senior lecturer at UCLan Chris Shaw commented: “At UCLan we actively encourage students to take a strong interest in social media and participate in conversations and have seen alumni gain jobs and work placements as a result.”

Though the competition has ended now, many students will continue to increasingly use social media influence to engage employers whilst competitions such as #SocialStudent allow students to show off their social media skills.

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