trip to chinaUCLan Lancashire Business School (LBS) International Business students across all years have visited China to get the Far East flavour to support their classroom knowledge.

Funded by the University Travel Bursary, the trip to Guangzhou, China presented a group of International Business students with the opportunity to experience different culture, meet high profile employers and make friends with the students from the University’s partner institution, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS).

LBS students were shown around the factory of McCormick, a global leader in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of flavours to the entire food industry. They also had a chance to meet representatives from well-known companies and organisations such as Bloomberg and The British Chamber of Commerce where in the past LBS students had received internships.

International Business student Uladzimir Boltach said: “The visit has enhanced my knowledge about the lifestyle of people in Southern China, business environment, cultural differences between Europe and China. Even though, we had only 8 days to spend in China, it was still enough to make new friends and learn so much about the city, business opportunities and the people.”

UCLan students attended lectures with their fellow Chinese GDUFS students. They were able to see how strip to china2tudent life in China – including canteens, dormitories and curfews – differs from that in Preston.

Robin Miller, principal lecturer in International Business at UCLan accompanied the group on their visit and agreed that the experience was very rewarding for all the students.

He said: “The trip was very successful and gave our students an opportunity to experience and understand the cultural differences at home, university and business life. This is something that cannot be taught in a classroom in Preston. This is the third year that we have arranged such a visit and we hope this will continue to be an annual trip as it proved to be worthwhile and rewarding for all the students who participated.”

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