LanIMG_3087cashire Business School (LBS) lecturers have been encouraging youngsters to consider business careers at a ‘Work Inspiration’ event in Burnley.

Children interested in business sector took part in LBS ‘Lego Challenge’ which tasked them to come up with the representation of a new product or improved version of current product followed by a pitch to the lecturers.

The activity has unearthed a bunch of future business professionals who showcased a wide range of essential business skills including innovation, outstanding communication and business acumen.

‘Work Inspiration’ took place in Nelson & Colne College gathering nearly 1000IMG_3076 children from all the secondary schools in Burnley. The aim of the event was to inspire the children about careers in a particular subject.

Divided into morning and afternoon sessions, the event brought together many exhibitors from areas such as engineering, business, manufacturing, public services, arts and construction.

Fran Walker, senior lecturer, said: “The event went really well.  It was well organised and the students were engaged and engaging. The model of constant movement during the event meant that boredom didn’t get a look in.”

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