Danielle CoombsAn American advertising expert gave UCLan staff and students an insight into the power of TV commercials during the Super Bowl.

Assistant professor at Kent State University, USA, Danielle Coombs presented a few examples of why advertising in National Football League (NFL) and especially in its finale, Super Bowl, has a bigger advantage compared to Premier League.

According to Danielle, American sports are built around advertising opportunities and has perfect setting for ads whereas during Premier League games, the opportunities are very limited. Her presented figures were shocking – a minute-long commercial during Super Bowl can cost up to $8m.

Danielle added that Super Bowl is a cultural event gathering everyone together for the last NFL game where ads are part of the culture.

She said: “People even who are not interested in American football on a daily basis watch Super Bowl. That’s a big deal and long after people stop talking about the game, they are still chatting about the ads.”

It turned out that not only Americans are into Super Bowl and its commercials, but Canadians also. Apparently, they were buying TV bunny antennas to catch the American TV signal and watch the game ads.

Senior lecturer Candan Elmer said: “Super Bowl commercials are generally limited to the American broadcast of the game – preventing international viewers from watching the game with these often iconic commercials. Therefore, I would like to thank Danielle for her comprehensive presentation to UCLan staff and students which provided an exciting insight of sports advertising in the USA.”

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