Lancashire County Cricket ClubMarketing and public relations students were shown the tricks of the trade on a field trip to Manchester United and Lancashire Country Cricket Club (LCCC) communication departments.

The trip presented students with an opportunity to hear from professionals within the field, compare PR activities between different industries and discuss the challenges of sports PR.

Communications Director at Manchester United, Phil Townsend delivered a speech providing a comprehensive insight into the company, its communications strategy and shared recent challenges.

Phil said: “I think the new media has been the most challenging aspect of it, because we are gone from the situation where you had press, radio and TV. Now we’ve got a million people all over the world at home who constantly talk about United.

Phil Townsend, communications director,  MUHe added: “The biggest challenge has been trying to keep a handle and sifting out what’s the most important, who are the key commentators and who are not.”

Communications Manager at LCCC and UCLan MSc Strategic Communication alumnus, Paul Holliday told youngsters the advantages of sports PR in cricket and shared tips to boost their future careers.

Paul passed on to students that it’s important to be enthusiastic, show initiative and be interested in what is going on as the two days are never the same.

Changing room of Manchester UnitedLecturer Adrian Wright, one of the lecturers who led the trip, commented: “With UCLan being so geographically close to Manchester, we felt it was a fantastic opportunity for students to visit two of the largest brands in their industry.

“Presentations by Phil and Paul were brilliant supplementing practical knowledge to the academic theory taught in the classroom.”

The visit of LCCC and Manchester United was followed by a tour around the Old Trafford football stadium that was much enjoyed by football club fans.

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