shabanaA member of prestigious career development ‘Launchpad’ programme, Shabana Hoque has gained an entry into exclusive ‘The New City Initiative’ internship in London.

During her three-week internship scheme, Shabana worked with Bedrock Asset Management where she was analysing financial statements and helping to build close relationship between the organisation and its clients.

“I’ve learned so much during this internship, but if it wasn’t for Launchpad I wouldn’t have known about the internship. Everyone working with Launchpad find work opportunities for programme members that we might not be able to find ourselves. It definitely has been a good starting point for my future career,” said Shabana.

According to Shabana, Launchpad not only informed her about the opportunity, but also has helped her gain one of 15 places on a very competitive and prestige internship. She put into practice Launchpad’s creative employability ideas incorporating them into her application.

Shabana said: “I had to send my CV and a cover letter, but as I remembered one of Launchpad’s seminars emphasising to stand out of the crowd when applying, I also sent a presentation pitching myself as the best candidate. The recruitment centre was really impressed with it.”

The student enjoyed her internship to the last minute and found it was a great opportunity to work in a busy London environment, apply the theoretical knowledge she had learned on her course, meet new people and gain work experience.

Lauchpad programme leader, Francesca Walker said: “Over the past year Shabana’s confidence, presentation, networking, problem solving, team working, leadership and communication skills have developed significantly. Such developments, along with her subject knowledge secured her an offer with The New City Initiative. This major achievement gave Shabana essential practical experience in a City Accountancy, further developing her competitive edge.”


The LBS’s innovative Launchpad programme supports its members through various employability boosting activities including personal development sessions, team-building residential, business mentoring, professional events, networking, and assessment centre training.

The programme allows students to develop themselves professionally and learn how to present themselves in person and on paper. It builds their confidence and helps to overcome shyness. It is open to committed second year Lancashire Business School students who are ambitious to gain entry to leading national and international companies.

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