The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) North West event at UCLan honed web content writing and SEO skills for PR professionals and students.

The event brought many PR professionals from around the North West as well as UCLan staff and students to discuss online copywriting and its search engine optimisation (SEO).

The first guest speaker Heather Carey from Font57 shared practical tips for website content writing and highlighted the essential questions to pull out creative and influential content. By actively participating in different groups to write short web articles, everyone who attended was able to prove that content writing for the web can done strategically and effectively.

Simon Wharton from PushOn agency in Manchester was focusing on SEO and generated new insights of its importance in PR practice. He put a great emphasis on Google including Google Trends and Google Analytics as efficient tools for PR practitioners.SimonWharton

Simon said: β€œGoogle Trends follow seasonal trends online and this is where organisations can come on board and start pitching their products accordingly.

β€œGoogle Analytics is a particularly efficient tool for PR professionals and I recommend using it frequently. It allows measuring the traffic and impact to the website after a single activity. It’s a great tool to determine activity effectiveness.”

Simon has shared the insightful examples of the powerful influence SEO has and also listed a few organisations using SEO effectively that definitely gave the group food for thought.

Simon said: β€œI always like doing these events because I believe I can meaningfully change status quo, correct some mistakes that people have about SEO and various online activities. β€œ


Event album.

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